Please Click Here to download fileset 1002

  1. The file will be downloaded via the link in the title above, if security warnings appear during the download, click Run/Open to proceed.
  2. If an additional security warning appears in your browser as the source could not be verified, click on Run to allow the download to proceed.
  3. When this is complete, click unzip (or Extract All Files in Windows File Explorer) to automatically extract the file to a known location.
  4. To import the file, open SIMS with the appropriate access level (System Manager) and import via Tools | Setups | Import Fileset.
  5. In the file location box use the browse button to the right to navigate to known location.
  6. The fileset name will show in the browser, - select it and click Open
  7. The details of file will show, click the Import Fileset button to complete the process.
  8. The Import complete message will appear to indicate successful completion.
  9. Close the screen.
  10. You will need to log out and back into SIMS for this to take effect