Treatment of Y11 leavers - this looks really clear to us...

the official school leaving date is the last Friday in June in the school year in which a child reaches age 16.  This means that year 11 pupils must remain on the school roll until Friday 30 June 2017 and their attendance and absence must be recorded to this date. If the intention that the Year 11 pupil is not returning to the same school as part of 6th form arrangement they can be removed off roll from that date. 

If the intention is that they will be returning to the same school 6th form, they must not be removed off roll and must not be provided with a new entry date. Once these pupils have reached the end of their compulsory school-age on the last Friday in June, they can be recorded using code ‘X’ if the school has not asked them to attend until the end of the academic year.

SIMS Summer Release

Capita has now made the Summer 2017 release available - please see the item here for more information.

OSMOSIS Newsletter

The first edition of the OSMIS newsletter (cunningly titled OSMOSIS) is now available here (could be a collector's item in years to come).

SIMS Spring 2017 Release

The release will be made by Capita on 10th March. We are currently delivering seminars on the content and will be in touch once the software is available for application in schools. Please see more here.