Importing Pupil Premium Data

A data download relating to pupil premium allocations for the 2015-16 financial year is available on the Department for Education's (DfE's) Key to Success website. This was uploaded on July 8 2015.

Key to Success, DfE

How do I get the data?

Schools can log in and view this data using their Secure Access account username and password, which also grant access to the COLLECT and school-to-school (S2S) websites.

Please find here a powerpoint presentation describing how to import PP data for the financial year to SIMS. Please note that, as the financial year spans two academic years, records for both years will be updated in SIMS. Please also note that this data is for school use only and is not collected by census.

The DfE has confirmed that the rates for 2015/16 will be as follows.

•    Primary Deprivation Premium: £1320 <= Up by £20
•    Secondary Deprivation Premium: £935 <= Unchanged
•    Service Premium: £300 <= Unchanged
•    Adopted Premium: £1900 <= Unchanged

The DfE has indicated that this year's CSV files will be provided in the same format as last year's files and will not include any information on the new Early Years Pupil Premium (which is paid to LAs for this first year).

Summer Release - SIMS Reporting Issue 

Capita has acknowledged an issue in the summer release affecting the production of some reports in SIMS.

Affected reports fail with a message 'Error: Column does not belong to table record'. Where the <Record Start> tag is immediately before the next tag, i.e. <Name> with no space, for example <Record Start><Name>, the name tag will fail to merge data.

Should you have any queries on the matter please drop us a line to

Product and Technical Roadmaps Updated

The latest SIMS Roadmaps are now available here

SIMS Summer Update

The summer update to SIMS, FMS and Discover is now available. You can access information relating to the release here.

Calendar Buttons - Workstation Fix now available

Capita has released a fix to be applied to workstations affected. The fix and instructions on how to apply it are available here.

PA Reports and the use of the D (Dual Registration) Code

For clarification we can confirm that the SIMS persistent absentee report is calculated as follows:

1.       The system calculates the number of possible sessions for the school as a whole over the date ranges listed on the report

2.       The system then counts and reports the number of students where the total of Authorised and Unauthorised equals or exceeds the persistent absence threshold for the periods specified in the report.

As you will hopefully be aware, the D registration code for dual-registration has a DfE statistical meaning of ‘Attendance not Required’ and as a consequence these sessions are excluded from the report, which compares possible sessions with the total of authorised and unauthorised absences. 

If your school reports are not producing accurate PA data in this way, can you please a log a call to and they will investigate and report back.

Universal Free School Meals - Reception to Year 2 - a reminder

Please note that from September 2014 all Reception to Year 2 pupils will be eligible for Free School Meals.  Universal Free School Meals for Reception to Year 2 pupils will be collected in a new panel the School Census and is not required to be maintained in the student record.

However, Panel 6. Dietary Eligible for Free School Meals in the student record should continue to be maintained to record free school meal entitlements for disadvantaged pupils.

Parents of disadvantaged pupils in Reception to Year 2 will likely need to be encouraged to apply for the Free School Meal entitlement so that the school can record this and receive the correct Pupil Premium funding in future years.