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Do you suspect that you aren't getting the best from SIMS?

Would you like to go on training but can't find the time?

Well, try our webinars - every Wednesday we are running free to attend webinars which focus on particular areas of SIMS. From Attendance Reports to Assessment Analysis our webinars will help you to make better use of your SIMS system to save time and money. Reserve your place by completing the form here.

Things to do

Please refer to the primary or secondary yearbook for a checklist of suggested activities.

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SIMS Annual Conference 2017

16 members of the OSMIS team attended the SIMS Annual Conference held at the Jury’s Inn Hinckley on 20th and 21st July. The conference gave us great opportunities to meet with key staff at SIMS, to share expertise and to learn about the latest developments in SIMS and SIMS 8 (the next generation of SIMS to be hosted in the cloud).

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We are happy to report that we have met with Capita colleagues over the summer and have been selected to run pre-pilots of the new software during the autumn term. We thank schools for their support of this programme and will update you soon!


GDPR is coming!

We are working alongside a number of LAs and MATs in supporting schools towards meeting the requirements of changes in legislation and will share more information soon.

If you have any particular concern, please drop us a line and we'll be in touch.


Analysis of KEY STAGe Results

There's a suite of reports which can be used to analyse the performance of groups of pupils in school (SEN, Pupil Premium, Gender and so on) for EYFS, KS1 and KS2 results. If you are interested in using these reports, please request a remote session and we'll set them up for you.

Secondary schools using the mapping utility can make use of similar reports to analyse performance at KS4 and 5 - please log a call if you'd like to know more.



IT systems exist in two states - either failed or about to fail - and anything you would want to keep must be backed up. Many schools use OSMIS services to back up their data and make use of a programme installed on your machine called Attix5. We encourage schools using the service to take a short remote support session during which we will help you check the data being backed up and show you how to add important files and folders to your backup selection as required. Click the button below to book yourself a session.

SIMS now has new interventions functionality which is set greatly to improve the monitoring and evaluation of additional provision in school.Thanks to all those schools who attende the recent webinars and are now starting to make use of the software. We are offering both remote sessions and formal training on configuring and using this solution. 

Remote Upgrade Service

Many schools take OSMIS remote upgrade service. Whilst we welcome any opportunity to work with schools' choice of technical support provider, schools should note that changes made to OSMIS configurations may affect our ability to deliver the upgrade service, may prevent effective backups of your data and may incur additional charges should we need to reconfigure systems. Please ensure that your technical support provider is aware of SIMS' requirements and encourage them to contact should they have any concern over the impact of works they may be planning.


SOLUS 3.12.1

Capita has released a new version of SOLUS - regrettably we have found some serious issues with the software which we are meeting Capita to discuss on 26th September. Our advice is not to upgrade at this stage.